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The Immanent Frame serves as a forum for ongoing exchanges among leading thinkers across the social sciences and humanities, featuring invited contributions and original essays that have not previously been published in print or online.

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Religion and the public sphere

Religion and digital culture
Scholars and journalists consider their respective crafts and the media through which they practice.

Religious freedom in the U.S.
A discussion on the free exercise of religion after Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

Aggressive prayers, curses, and maledictions
What can we learn from malediction and situating it within a wide range of religious activities?

Image via Flickr user Quinn DombrowskiThe politics of national identity
How do groups draw on religious and secular symbols when determining belonging?

Theologies of American exceptionalism
Participants expound on exemplary texts reflecting views of “American exceptionalism” at home and abroad.

For Love of the ProphetFor Love of the Prophet
Six scholars respond to Noah Salomon’s ethnography of Islamic statehood in Sudan.


Religion and world affairs

Beyond Religious Freedom
A discussion of the state-led efforts to promote religious freedom and engagement

Religious Difference in a Secular Age
A discussion on how religious difference has been managed in the past and the plight of religious minorities today

The future of Egyptian democracy
The complex situation in Egypt and potential paths forward

The state of religion in China
A discussion on the relationship between the atheist state and the religions it governs

Deathless Questions
Interviews on how we think about the lines between sacred and secular

Just and Unjust Peace
Reflections on Philpott’s quest for a universal standard of reconciliation

The politics of religious freedom
A discussion of the multiple genealogies of religious freedom

Political Theology
A discussion on Paul W. Kahn’s latest book

Uprising in Egypt
Reflections on the Egyptian revolution

Global Christianity, Global Critique
A forum on the Fall 2010 special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly

Religious freedom
Contending analyses of a controversial facet of U.S. foreign policy

Christian Moderns
A discussion of Webb Keane’s 2007 book

Mumbai 11/26
Responses to the terrorist attacks in India

The headscarf controversy
The social implications of secularism and political change in Turkey

Islam and the Secular State
A discussion of the Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im’s 2008 book

The assasination of Benazir Bhutto
Colleagues and scholars reflect on Bhutto’s life and legacy


Religion in American politics

The politics of spirituality
The manifestations of spirituality in contemporary American politics

Reconsidering civil religion
Reassessing Robert Bellah’s 1967 thesis of an “American civil religion”

“These things are old”
A conversation about Obama, civic virtues, and the common good

The future of marriage
Untangling the past and future of the family

Evangelicals & evangelicalisms
How people understand and apply a contested religious category

The new evangelicals
Evangelicals who have “left the right”

American Grace
A discussion of Putnam and Campbell’s 2010 book on American religiosity

Mere Civility Mere Civility
A critical discussion of Teresa Bejan’s new book.


Rethinking secularism

Secularism: Its Content and Context
Thoughts on Akeel Bilgrami’s reply to Charles Taylor

Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC
Responses on the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold “ministerial exception”

Religion in the public sphere
The expression and interdiction of religion in the public sphere

Is critique secular?
Examining the histories, contexts, and assumptions of critique

Secularity and the liberal arts
Reconfiguring the relation between secularism and liberal arts education

A Secular Age
Critical reflections on Charles Taylor’s 2007 book

An Atheism that Is Not Humanist
A discussion of Stefanos Geroulanos’s 2010 book

A discussion of Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Justice: Rights and Wrongs


The science of religion

Sex abuse in the Catholic Church
How to interpret the sex abuse scandal in the study of religion?

Religion in Human Evolution
A discussion of Robert Bellah’s 2011 book

The New Metaphysicals
A discussion of Courtney Bender’s 2010 book

Toward a new sociology of religion?
Reflections on the state and the future of the sub-discipline

A cognitive revolution?
Is neuroscience changing the way we think about religion?<