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Kathleen Roberts Skerrett is Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Richmond. She served as president of the Canadian Theological Society 2011-2012.

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Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Religious freedom and multiculturalism: Canadian contentions

In its annual survey, “Minority Religious Communities At Risk,” the First Freedom Center of Virginia observed intensified contention over the right to freedom of religious expression in both Canada and the United States. As evidence, the editors highlighted a major Canadian Supreme Court decision as well as public criticism of the conservative government’s creation of an Office of Religious Freedom; for the United States, the editors cited the litigation over the 2011 Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act. The contention in both countries seemed to pit conservative religious-freedom advocates against a progressive secular establishment. However, as I argue here with the Canadian case, the situation is more complicated.

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