Tamir Moustafa

Tamir Moustafa is associate professor of international studies and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He is the author of The Struggle for Constitutional Power: Law, Politics, and Economic Development in Egypt (Cambridge University Press 2007) and a number of articles on comparative law and society, religion and politics, and state-society relations in Egypt. His most recent work examines the politics of Islamic law and liberal rights in Malaysia and Egypt.

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Monday, April 16th, 2012

Paradoxes of “religious freedom” in Egypt

The place of religion in the political order is arguably the most contentious issue in post-Mubarak Egypt. With Islamist-oriented parties controlling over 70 percent of seats in the new People’s Assembly and the constitution-writing process about to begin, liberals and leftists are apprehensive about the implications for Egyptian law and society, including the rights of Egypt’s millions of Coptic Christians.

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