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David P. Gushee is Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University, Director of the Center for Theology and Public Life, and Chair of the Mercer Lyceum initiative on rebuilding democracy. He is the author of A New Evangelical Manifesto (2012) and The Future of Faith in American Politics (2008).

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Rethinking that word “evangelical”

Professor Marcia Pally aptly describes the evangelical polyphony of our time. Despite the dreadful habit of newspapers of using the term “evangelical” to mean “white social conservative bloc of the GOP,” contemporary evangelical political views are much more diverse than that.

As Pally notes here and in her book, The New Evangelicals, it is not accurate to say that the diversity of evangelical politics and public engagement is some kind of new trend. What is actually the historical aberration is the way a distinguished global movement within Protestant Christianity that has always had diverse politics got swept into the Republican Southern Strategy of the Nixon years and beyond. It is a terrible historical accident that the movement that gave us the abolitionist William Wilberforce and the firebrands of the early Social Gospel movement became identified, after 1972, with reactionary white right-wing politics in the American South.

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