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Born in Montreal and raised in Belgium, Judith Gurewich holds a law degree from The Free University of Brussels, a masters of law from Columbia University, and a PhD in sociology from Brandeis University. She is a member of Espace Analytique in Paris, where she was trained as a Lacanian psychoanalyst. Gurewich is also publisher of Other Press in New York.

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Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Understanding the president’s reality: A psychoanalytic contribution to public life

Edvard Munch, "The Scream," 1895It would not have taken long for French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan to realize that President Donald Trump has a paranoid vision of the world. This does not mean that President Trump is insane, but rather that he has never left the mental space we all inhabited as toddlers and that we have never entirely forgotten. A glimpse of this place comes vividly to mind when we feel insanely jealous, dismissed, or ignored. But most adults no longer live here day in and day out, because the love we took in as children is usually strong enough to help us fashion an image of ourselves that we can rely upon when we feel challenged . . . .

The paranoid structure is not foreign to us because it is a rigid, simplified, and distorted version of the ordinary way we see the world. In that sense President Trump’s behaviors, discourse, and actions are not as erratic as they appear. They follow a logic that we are equipped to understand.

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